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by Anonymous - Posted on 01 June 2019

Great local practice

I have been a patient here for many years and couldn't speak more highly of the practice and staff. I have always found the service professional and caring and I have been supported amazingly through several significant health issues. Although it may be frustrating to some who will always want to be seen immediately, I have no issue with the recent change to on the day appointments being prioritised for emergencies. I have always been able to get a suitable appointment time, admittedly not necessarily on the day, but have also been able to see someone on the day when it was an emergency. It's important to realise that the online service is available to book appointments and not simply rely on phoning. This on line system is really quick and efficient and the practice are merely moving with the times. Sometimes yes appointments do overrun although, in my experience (and I'm a frequent visitor), this is not the norm, rather the exception . Having been one of those patients who has needed extra time due to a significant medical need (and therefore undoubtedly caused a delay to many other appointments) I really appreciate the fact that patients are not bundled out of the room when the time is up but that additional time is given where it really is needed. It's important to see beyond your own impatience and think about what might be happening for someone else to create a delay because it certainly won't be the intention of the surgery to cause inconvenience. They are doing what they should - providing respectful, professional care appropriate to the individual needs of the patient.

Visited in April 2019, Posted on 01 June 2019

by HelenS - Posted on 03 January 2019

Dr is fantastic - thank you

Apologies for taking so long to look up how to give feedback. Usually I've felt fobbed off when seeing doctors at the surgery, feeling like I was bothering for things that weren't needed, despite rarely ever needing to see anyone. When I saw the doctor last January because I couldn't walk without severe foot pain, she was everything a doctor should be. She listened - not just nodding and half listening, but fully engaged and listening, so that I felt heard. She understood why I was there and how running had played a part. She gave a possible diagnosis and then helped me with advice on next steps to confirm this (X-ray). I know doctors and nurses get a lot of criticism from patients at times, but they deserve the praise when it's due. The doctor I saw was wonderful, so many (belated) thanks.

Visited in January 2018, Posted on 03 January 2019