Private Fees

Not all services at the practice are available under the NHS.

Where patients request non-NHS items or services a privte fee may be payable.  This page lists those fees which may be payable in advance.  This information is for guidance only and costs may change without notice.

private fees


Ofsted health declaration form / confirmation to be a childminder


Confirmation of Registration:


Copying Charge:
A paper fee of 10p per sheet is payable.  This may be in addition to an Access Fee (See Below).


Copy of test results:
£1 up to 5 pages then 20p per page


Data Protection Act, Access to computerised records:
Access to records only (no copies required)


Data Protection Act, Access to and copies of records:
Where a copy of any part of a record (computer or paper bases) is required an Access Fee of £10.00 is payabel,
in addition, the copy charge fee is payable (see above).


Full medical and / or report


Driving Licence Signature: